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From Shadows to Light

About 18 months ago, a work colleague lost their son to suicide. This was a direct result of the bullying he received at school. We need to look out for our kids, we have to stand up for them, even when they don't want us too. Bullying has no place in a modern society. It must end. This poem is about another boys journey from the shadows to the light.

From Shadows to Light

In a childhood shadowed, where whispers wound,

A boy once bullied, where pain was found.

In playgrounds harsh, and taunts so loud,

He learned to hide beneath a shroud.

Years rolled by, the scars grew deep,

In the silence of night, he'd often weep.

Turning to the bottle, seeking solace there,

An alcoholic’s haze, a burden to bear.

Depression's grip, a relentless foe,

In the darkest depths, where hope won't show.

Suicidal thoughts, a haunting call,

In a silent battle, he'd often fall.

But within the shadows, a spark of light,

A whisper of strength in the darkest night.

He sought the help, reached out his hand,

In a journey of healing, he took a stand.

Through therapy's lens, he found his voice,

In the path of recovery, he made a choice.

To share his story, to shed the shame,

To help others heal, to break the chain.

From bullied child to advocate strong,

His message of hope, a healing song.

In the halls of pain, he found his grace,

A mental health warrior, in a sacred place.

So now he stands, with courage bright,

A beacon of hope in the darkest night.

For those who suffer, his voice is clear,

Together, we can heal, cast aside the fear.

If you or someone you know is in crisis please call

13YARN 13 92 76

Blue Knot Helpline 1300 657 380

First Nations Support Line 1800 959 500

Headspace 1800 650 890

Mens Helpline 1300 789 978

Standby support after suicide 1300 727 247

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