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Why Mental Health First Aid is Essential for Disability Support Professionals

In the realm of disability support, understanding mental health is crucial.

Having worked with a number of NDIS providers I can offer MHFA tailored for both individuals and teams, particularly those working in disability support.

The training, licensed by Mental Health First Aid Australia, empowers participants to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health crises and respond safely and effectively.

What sets my approach apart, is my foundation in lived experience, offering unique insights and relatability.

The Importance of Mental Health First Aid:

  1. Early Recognition: Learn to identify early signs of mental health issues.

  2. Effective Response: Develop skills to manage mental health crises safely.

  3. Open Communication: Promote open, honest, and safe discussions about mental health.

I Offer:

  • Standard Mental Health First Aid: Comprehensive training covering a wide range of mental health issues.

  • Refresher Courses: Keep your skills up to date with our concise refresher sessions.

  • Conversations about Suicide: Specialized training to handle sensitive topics like suicide with care and confidence.

At Craig A Field, we believe that the more people who can talk about mental health and suicide safely, the stronger our community becomes.

Together, we can make a difference.

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